January 11, 2012

its clutch

Ah, the clutch. I don't know if it's the same way for you, but for me, the clutch is contradiction. It is both to big and too small. I love my everyday bag because it has room for everything I would need during an average day. On the other hand, I love carrying a small clutch or evening bag, because it's just so much lighter and less of a hassle.

The problem with the small bag is that it's a small bag. For a night on the town, you never know what you'll need. I usually start out with my cell, ID, debit card, and lipgloss. But what if we end up eating at Mexican restaurant for dinner and I need a breath mint? I toss those in. And what if I get a headache right when things are getting fun? Toss in the Advil. And if I dance all night, I'm going I need my oil-blotters and my powder. In they go. If we walk home from the restaurant, I'll need my flip flops to change into. And if we end up staying out all night, I don't want to be stranded the next morning without my sunglasses. Oh, and my house key...I'll need that too.

How to fit it all

All of the sudden my "small" bag is stuffed to the brim and I can't even close it.

The next time I go out, I decide just to take the cell, ID, debit card, and Chapstick. I shimmy out to the dance floor, but I don't feel free to dance since I've got my clutch in one hand and my drink in the other (and we all know not to leave our drink unattended). Now the clutch is too high-maintenance.

It's times like these where - gasp - I wish we could just stuff all our stuff in our pockets like men.

For my upcoming night out in Las Vegas, I've packed three evening bags. One small crossbody, one adorable clutch, and one small shoulder bag. I'll let you know how it goes...

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