October 22, 2011

Other things I've been working on...

Here are two more projects I've completed recently. Their inspiration comes from the wonderfully creative site PSIMadeThis.com and from a local boutique in my hometown. Hopefully I'll find somewhere to wear them soon!

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So, I've found a new addiction. 

Have you heard of Pinterest.com? If you haven't, like me up until about 2 days ago, you've been living under a rock. This website will be the downfall of any productivity I had left, and it will be the inspiration for probably most everything I do from now on. 

In a nutshell, Pinterest is a site that allows you to share the wonderful things that you find whilst surfing the web. People follow you to see what you have found, and you follow fellow Pinterests to see what they have found. A lot of what you see has been "pinned" from other members' "boards". Your findings can be organized by theme (ex: Home Decor, Recipes, Artwork, etc.). 

As my first Pinterest-inspired project (which I will call my Pin Project), I converted a Kelly Green turtleneck into somewhat of a blazer. The picture of the final product on Pinterest was much cuter, but this will do for now. I will continue to make adjustments as needed. 

June 02, 2011

The Bacon-Glazed Doughnut

     Sometimes there are things in life that are so utterly indulgent, so selfishly decadent, that you feel guilty for even entertaining the idea of it. I’m here to tell you that those things must not be lost. You should, however, keep in mind that one of my many mantras is “everything in moderation.” Given that little bit of always-helpful knowledge, go ahead. Indulge.

     This morning, I was faced with a decision. It was a tough one. I was presented with a gourmet, glazed doughnut that was sprinkled with bits of bacon. I’ve seen something like this on TV before, but never thought I would run into one in real life. If you are vegetarian, or if, for some reason (though I can’t think of any), you don’t like the smell of bacon, then you won’t get what I’m about to describe. Imagine waking up for your morning workout session, ready to attack the day, when you are met with the haunting smell of freshly fried bacon. This smell drifts towards you, mingled with the succulent smell of warm sugar. You open your eyes to find something very different from your average breakfast. There, sitting in front of you, is a temptation only an enemy could dream up.

     I had planned on this morning being productive and healthy. So, I ignored that marvelous smell and put on my yoga pants. I coaxed myself to the gym and strengthened both my core and my soul. I decided, mid Downward Dog, that I would not have the doughnut that was waiting for me at home.

     Long story short, I ate the doughnut. I enjoyed it for the same reason that I thrive off of visiting New York for a few hours every time I have a work obligation in Newark, NJ. For the same reason that I wanted more than anything to visit the original Starbucks (even though I cannot stand their coffee) while I was visiting Seattle. It was for the same reason as when I quit my horrible job in hopes of really being able to do what I love, even if I don’t know what that is yet. I want to EXPERIENCE my life. I want to look back on the life that I have lived, and know that I lived it, within reason. Some people might take it as far as skydiving, or diving with sharks. Those adventures may not be up my ally, but that’s what I am talking about.

     So, get out there, try the bacon-glazed doughnut. Make that jump. In the end, wouldn’t you rather have lived and lost, than never lived at all?

May 30, 2011

Lined or Unlined?

            I am a journaler. I like to write things down. I’m not sure why I like to write things down. I know a big part of it is that I forget things very easily, so I want to make my previous thoughts accessible to “future me”. I make lists, and journal about my daily devotions. I journal about experiences I have traveling and working. I draw diagrams and paste inspirational photos into my journals.
But here is my problem; I just said “journals”. I have four journals active right now. One is for my devotionals, one is for my travels, one is for my to-do lists and future goals, and my newest one is, in my current mindset, going to serve for all of the above functions, plus whatever I need it to be. I had one like this a few years ago, and I really loved it. I’m not sure how exactly it got phased out of my life, but it did. I found it the other day, and decided that would be the perfect place for my devotions. About three pages in, I realized I didn’t like how the journal held all my old brainstorms, and then it just skipped to my new breakthroughs. I also thought lines might be better.
Side-note: The fight between the lined journal and the unlined journal will forever be a struggle for me. I am a creative person who flourishes without guidelines. But, structure is always needed, to a degree. The lines keep me neat and tidy, while the absence of lines gives my brain the go-ahead to be creative. Once, I tried grid paper, thinking that would enable me to use lines, and also to reject them. That journal turned into my Financial Log. But, I digress.
Another is my “travels” journal. I got it as a gift from my sister for Christmas. It is one of those journals that is too pretty to write in. For a long time, I couldn’t think of anything that I knew I would be able to fill the piece of art with. Then, I broke the seal a few months ago when I tore out some stories I had dictated onto some notebook paper, and taped them inside. Still not a full commitment, since I can probably peel off the tape to reveal pristine paper.
And let’s not forget the landing pad for all lists, to-do’s, and a few math equations I still seem to have to write down on paper to figure out. This journal is the closest one I have to a pad of paper. Well, it actually is a pad of paper, with a more chic cover. If anyone needed to know anything about the type of person I am, they can simply look through the journal I have situated right next to my mouse pad.
Now I have purchased a journal that I have all intentions of making my only journal. At first, I had a problem with all of these things being in the same place, in such a scattered order. But, then I started to think about why I am writing in this journal. Is it for me? Is it for whomever reads it after I die (or drop it running through the airport)? Is it one day going to become the most famous autobiography of all time, making me billions of dollars after a world-renowned publisher sees me drop it as I run through the airport? The most likely scenario, given that I do not misplace it between now and then, is that I look through it later in life, and remember all the dreams and goals I had, along with the things I was learning and the experiences I was living through. If this is the case, it will probably be a lot easier on “future me” to keep all of those things in one place. Thus, yesterday I bought a new pen and a clean, lined journal. For some reason, I felt the impulse to copy things from my other half-hearted attempts into my new journal. I’ve spent the past hour rewriting all of my past ideas, and I feel like this journal is now properly “broken in”. Now, for some new material…