January 02, 2012

home base

Since Christmas, I have spent a lot of time reorganizing my house (FYI, I see a yard sale in my very near future). My family and friends blessed me with all kinds of new goodies, and I wanted to make sure everything had a home. I had a few home decor items that quickly found a home. The kitchen stuff was a little bit more of a battle. Since there seems to be an endless array of kitchen tools, it was harder to toss something to make room for something else. With clothes and bags, I try to stick by my rule of "one thing in, one thing out." But what about all those small things? Adorable mini pack of tissues, small hand lotions, the fancy pen, and the new wallet.

I've got the essentials that always travel in my purse (wallet, phone, keys). I've got the replacement things I will use once my other runs out (hand lotion, tissues). And in addition to that, I've got those things that I sometimes need to carry with me, but not always (coupon book). My problem is this: where do I store all of this stuff?

A couple of months ago, I got an idea as I was drifting off to sleep - yes, I occasionally dream about handbags. I decided I needed a "home base" for my purse. I went out and bought a small wicker "box" that now sits by my front door. Every day when I walk into the house, that is where I set down my purse. That is it's designated spot. Now I have decided that the contents of my purse also need a home (when not in their natural habitat - aka my purse). Thankfully this decorative basket/box is spacious enough to corral all of my items.

I believe every woman needs a Home Base for their bag. This is a place where you can organize the different genres of items that you need to carry. This will also be the place that may save you from a sore shoulder. If you sit next to your Home Base every few days and reassess what you are carrying, that may literally take a load off your shoulders. Throw away the trash, organize and address the receipts, replace the empty tin of Altoids, and you've got a fresh start.

These are some pictures of my first attempt at a Home Base. I'm sure I will adjust things as needed, but I think this is a good start!

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