January 12, 2012

a good friend always carries your clutch

{ a follow-up to "it's clutch" }

My fabulous friend/neighbor and I were discussing the blog the other day, and I started to tell her about the article I was writing about clutches. I was explaining the dancing dilemma, in which you want to dance and have a good time while you are out, but you feel tied down since you have to carry your clutch onto the dance floor. My friend then explained her strategy in those situations: always bring your friend that carries a bigger bag. That way, you can slip your clutch into her bigger purse, and be hands-free the rest of the night. 

Now some people might say that this is not very fair to your friend, but I beg to differ. Your friend was already carrying a big purse into the bar. Your choice to force her to carry your clutch is simply economical. Maybe your friend enjoys sitting at the table guarding her bag, while she watches you do the electric slide clutch-free. It's a maternal thing. And you are just giving her the gift of responsibility. 

So to all you girls out there still dealing with the clutch problem, there's your solution. That, or just use a cross-body. ;)

*Note: this article is tounge-in-cheek. Please don't be offended. 

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