January 27, 2013

peek into the week

standing on the star on the Dallas Coyboys field

This past weekend I had friends in town. It was such an amazing weekend. Not only did I get to spend time with my oldest friend and her husband, but I also got to have a little staycation of my own. I feel like I saw more Dallas/Fort Worth in that one weekend than I have seen since I moved out here 9 months ago. We took a VIP tour of the Cowboys Stadium, got lost in Fort Work (where we wound up at the opening weekend of the Fort Worth Stock Yards), ate at my favorite restaurants, toured downtown Dallas, and more. James got to play golf, I got to teach my BFF what a kolache is (think pig in a blanket, but a million times better). Needless to say, it was a fun-filled weekend. That meant that this weekend, my only mission was to sleep in and relax. Mission accomplished. Bring on Monday!

BFF attempting to balance on the railroad tracks

Opening weekend and the Stock Yards

the hilarious book I finally started this week

finally having a Saturday to sleep in. Looks like she might have needed it more than me!

breakfast for lunch on a lazy Saturday

my Saturday night. blissful.

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