January 02, 2013

a new day

New Year's Eve has always been one of my least favorite holidays. I'm not sure why. Although I do love dressing for it. I just feel like there is too much pressure. It forces you to look at the previous year as a whole, and judge it to be successful or not successful. I just don't think that is very fair. A year is a long time! And there are so many reasons why things happened they way they did. If you look at the past year in terms of whether or not is was a successful year, you will more than likely make yourself worried with stress. Either by having an "unsuccessful year", or feeling pressure to make the next year "even better than the last."

We should make promises to ourselves daily, not annually. Live out this beautiful life day-by-day. Take away the pressure of reviewing the year as a whole - "pass" or "fail".

This is why I feel that New Year's Day is so much more uplifting. This year I got to spend it with good friends and good food. And I savored every minute of it. Because it was a day to move forward - in whichever direction I choose.

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