November 16, 2013

diy manicure

Recently one of my favorite bloggers posted a Q&A on At-Home Manicure Tips. Being an avid at-home manicurist, I was excited to see if she had any cool tips. I was disappointed when her tips included: push back your cuticles, 2 layers of color, and be patient while drying. Seemed like pretty obvious steps to me. Not to toot my own hown, but I give myself pretty good manicures. I've invested in the gel system - light and all. But the removal process makes me shy away from gel manis. The steps below are ones I follow weekly, and they work every time. And I side note about the Sinful Colors Sinful Shine - I can't say enough good stuff about this polish. It's $2.99, and it's got better shine than ANY of the fancy brands I've tried. Unfortunately, it's next to impossible to find them online (so I wasn't able to show off some of their awesome colors), but rest assured that you can find them at Walgreens.

DIY Manicure

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