February 19, 2012

work bags

For me, there is a never-ending search going on for the perfect work bag. I need the functionality of a briefcase: a safe place for my computer, and organized storage for my pens, chargers, paperwork, et cetera. I need straps that won't dig into my shoulder and I'm hustling through the airport or going in and out of meeting rooms.

But, there is just something about the black, nylon briefcase that just isn't my style. First of all, it doesn't match my navy work uniform. Secondly, as a loud-and-proud bag enthusiast, a plain old briefcase is just too...obvious.

When you travel for work, whether it be from your home to the office or from your home to a different part of the country, you need a bag you can count on to keep you in order. Your handbag is something that represents your style, and that holds your essentials. But who's to say your work bag can't be equally as stylish? It's problems like this where I wish I had the opportunity to be able to design my own bag from the ground up. I know exactly what I want, but it seems to me like it just hasn't been designed yet.

Until then, I'll have to make a list of attributes I require and then find something that best matches my needs. My ideal bag would have structure - no flopping over every time I set it on my desk. And, I don't want my stuff just swimming around on the inside. I need pockets. Maybe even divided sections; a padded section for my laptop, and a thinner section for paperwork. I need a sturdy strap, since my work bag tends to be heavy. I also need it to be fairy neutral.

When I say neutral, I don't mean "plain." You just don't want your bag to be the most obvious part of your outfit. It's painfully unchic to see a woman carrying a bag that pattern clashes with her ensemble. All that work picking out a classy and stylish outfit, and it's ruined by the bag.  You want something that compliments your style.

Here are just a few bags I've seen over the past few months that look like they might fit the bill:
                                                                                          Glad for Plaid Laptop Bag - $55

                Always at the Top - $90
{this bag doesn't necessarily have all the organizational benefits
like the others possess, but come on. Look at it. }
With an opening of 15", it could fit a smaller laptop or iPad. And it's durable!
This one's on The List.

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